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At Nathan Contractors, we value the ability of our team and their commitment to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations. Our people’s work ethic is second to none. They have the ability to take on every challenge, no matter how difficult, and succeed where most others fail.

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October 2020

Crudine Ridge Project Wrap Up

The Crudine Ridge Wind Farm project has come to a close. Starting in April 2020 and wrapping in August, this was a good project for Nathan - we were contracted to complete 37 wind tower bases with a crew of approximately 25 workers. Final facts and figures Total concrete poured: 17 382 cubic meters (not quite our record, but still a big one!) Final Snaps It seems we've started a new tradition here at Nathan, of traveling in style. Long gone are the days of driving our boys to site in Nathan vans...

Sunshine Motorway Project Update

It's done! After two years of work, the Sunshine Motorway Bridge Project has come to a close! This was a significant job for Nathan Contractors, with 11 bridges completed by the end of the project. The CR2SM - Sunshine Motorway, is Australia's first diamond diverge interchange, and we are proud to have been part of engineering history through our involvement in the project.    Final facts and figures This is Nathan's largest bridge project to date! The numbers stacked up to: 11 bridges completed 112 Super T beams installed  797 Deck Units installed 9,200 cubic metres...