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Collector Wind Farm Project Update, March 2020

Collector Wind Farm Project Update, March 2020

The Nathan crew have been hard at work in Collector, NSW since October 2019, and are nearing completion on this wind farm project.

Located in rural NSW, conditions have been particularly challenging on this project, as works took place during one of the hottest and most dangerous summers on record. Thankfully, Collector was spared the worst of the Australian bushfire season. However, our guys had to endure extreme heat and poor visibility due to smoke to keep this project on schedule.

We’re particularly proud of our project crews on this job, who worked tirelessly to meet deadlines while also ensuring the safety of everyone involved. To date, the project remains on schedule.


Our contract is to construct a total of 54 reinforced concrete footings by April 2020. Each footing has 232 bolts @ 3.5m long, weighing 32 kilos each.

Here are the latest facts and figures so far:

  • Total concrete poured to date: 17,500m3
  • Tonnes of reinforcement installed to date: 1640 T


Our site crew worked through dry and dusty conditions over the Australian summer. See below some highlights from December 2020, as the crew poured a concrete tower footing. 





Site Engineer Lewis Bradley, reporting for duty. Lewis has done a top job keeping our job running smoothly.