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Fairbairn Dam Spillway Upgrade


Fairbairn Dam Spillway Upgrade, Emerald QLD

Nathan contracted with SRG Limited to construct FRP works for Stage 2 of the Fairbairn Dam Spillway Upgrade.  The upgrade works involved anchoring and thickening of the existing spillway so as to comply with new state legislation.   

Owing to a tight construction program and the need to finish all works prior to the start of the wet season, the project was run on a continuous 24-hour timetable.  Nathan’s scope for the FRP works included the supply and placement of steel reo, installation of anchor starter bars, installation of passive anchors, and form work and concrete placement for a 500mm depth overlay slab.  

Woking conditions on the site were extreme:  very high day temperatures, working in confined a area with limited access for machinery, and working at heights on a sloping spillway surface.    

The client SRG and project owner SunWater placed a high importance on work safety, construction quality and getting the project completed before the start of the wet season. 

Project challenges included the management and control of concrete temperatures, the prevention of heat exhaustion and fatigue issues, and managing the logistics associated with a 24 hour continuous work roster.  Nathan staffed the project with three work supervisors and a full time safety officer to ensure the proper management of heath and safety issues.   

Facts & figures 

Contract duration: 20 weeks 

Workforce:  22 form workers, reo fixers and concreters 

Quantities:   supply and placement of 361 tonnes of reo; installation of 1300 anchor starter bars; installation of 267 passive anchors; formwork and placement of 1,560m3 of concrete; the operating of a custom designed Slip form on Winches static screed to spread concrete 500mm depth, for 11 slab pours, each section 35m long x 10m wide. 

Equipment utilised:  a 200T slew crane, a 65m Concrete pump,  

by Nathan Contractors

SRG Limited