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Suma Park Auxiliary Spillway Concrete Works


Suma Park Auxiliary Spillway Concrete Works, Orange NSW

Nathan contracted to Geotech Pty Ltd for the construction of an auxiliary spillway for Suma Park Dam.  The construction included 3 no. 5m high wingwalls, structural slabs, associated concrete footings for the slab and walls and the construction of the precast release gates.  Nathan provided labour, plant and temporary formwork materials necessary for the formwork erection and concrete placement of wall foundations, walls and slabs. 

Project challenges included low temperatures and snow conditions during the winter months, which affected concrete pouring and finishing.  Asbestos rock was struck on site and this created the need for work crews to perform activities under a tightly controlled work system of regular showers, protective clothing and breathing aparatus. 

Facts & figures 

Contract duration: 40 weeks 

Workforce:  12 form workers, reo fixers and concreters 

Quantities:   supply and placement of 209 tonnes of reo; formwork and placement of 1,635 m3 of concrete. 

Equipment utilised:  a 20T Franna crane, 250T slew crane, 36m Concrete pump.

by Nathan Contractors

Geotech Pty Ltd